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Jaguar World Monthly

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Jaguar World Monthly : Das englischsprachige Automagazin
Jaguar World Monthly berichtet mit ansprechenden Fotos und aktuellen Berichten ausführlich auf über 100 Seiten über die verschiedenen Jaguar-Modelle.

Jaguar World has its origins in Jaguar Quarterly, launched in 1988, and to this day still delivers the best roundup of Jaguar news and features available on the news stands. With buying and maintenance advice covering all ages of Jaguar, the magazine is an essential resource for prospective buyers or owners of Jaguars alike. The magazine also features road tests, exclusive archive material, motorsport and the latest news from around the world. There's also 100s of cars and parts for sale in our Free Ads section. If you're a leaping cat enthusiast, Jaguar World Monthly is the definitive independent publication for you.

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